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(All of the following horses have current (within one year) negative coggins, and all are on grass hay as well as Thomas Moore Natural Performance pellet feed (14% protein, 6% fat).  They are stalled during the daytime and turned out to pasture at night for freedom and socialization.)







"Hashtag" -- Exotic beauty! This sweet-natured, gentle 4-year-old 15.2H flashy black & white Spotted Saddle Horse gelding with the smoothest floating gaits ever, including a really sweet, easy, slow, rocking chair canter that is effortless. Hashtag makes his rider look like a pro at cantering -- your seat never leaves the saddle. He has been trained on proper leads, he backs nicely, has done obstacle courses, side passes, pivots, forehand turns, and moves off of leg pressure. He doesn't mind if you want to lie down in the stall and take a nap with him! Really cute personaly and gets along well in the pasture wiith other horses. We have ridden him in Tennessee, Colorado and the ocean and lakes in Texas. Trained to picket line and stand tied for hours on our camping trips, he loads and unloads easily. Bloodlines include the World Grand Champions Prides Sundance Star and Prides Ultra threat, and also some of the old spotted greats, including Marshall Dillon, Paint the Town and Go Boy's Insignia, one of our favorites. A wonderful lifetime kind of horse. $8500


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"Tater Tot" -- Cutest little guy EVER! Miniature buckskin 10-yr-old gelding trained to cart. Probably anyone of any age can drive this guy -- he's very willing and not spoiled, as you can see in his video. This is one that will teach you how to drive. He is also a pretty good lawnmower -- we turn him loose in the front yard or stake him out in different places in the yard to 'weed eat'. Cutest little leather harness with brass accent and knobs on the hames comes with him, as does his cart. The kids drive him, even kids who have never driven a horse before, and he is so gentle and well behaved that we used him to visit the elderly at the nursing home. In the parades that we put him in, he was a huge crowd favorite. We are busy raising colts and training, and don't have time to enjoy him as much as we'd like, so it's time for him to go to a family who will love him as much as we have. $2500


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"Whodoo" -- 10-yr-old 15.3H sharp-looking, flashy stepping, smooth gaiting black & white Spotted Saddle Horse gelding. This is a really fun horse to ride, probably gentle for most people unless you are looking for a deadhead. He performs a really animated racking gait that is so smooth, with a naturally high-stepping front end (no gimmicks needed), and his color pattern is strikingly beautiful. Whodoo is an easy horse to tack up, load in the trailer, bathe, etc., and we have hauled and ridden him on many camping trips, including Lake Rayburn in East Texas, Nacogdoches, the Ozarks in Arkansas and the Cumberlands in Tennessee. We have shown him in our local horse shows and used him for the kids to practice in our horse show clinics. He is a direct son of Spotted Alen Again, my all-time favorite bloodline and is registered NSSHA. $6850





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"Downtown Julie Brown" -- Gorgeous silver dapple racking mare with automatic transmission! This 15H 6-yr-old racking mare is a ton of fun to ride with a solid four-beat gait that I used my GPS to clock at top speed (currently) of 14mph. She is smooth whether slow or fast and a real joy to ride. $4750


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***SOLD*** Congratulations, Kathi!

"Sam" -- Gorgeous, stocky like a Quarter Horse, huge, round rump, big wide chest, sloping shoulder, big bone structure, between 15.1 and 15.2H (but not over 15.2H), dapples in his coat, dark golden color even in the winter . . . and as a bonus, probably anyone would feel safe riding him. He performs a fun smooth racking gait with white tail streaming out behind him, and if something scares him, he spooks in place. He comes from top bloodlines in the breed and is a perfect age at 10-1/2 years old. He has been barefoot for almost all of his life and has excellent rock hard hooves of steel. We did put front shoes on him only to get him ready to take to the mountains. Sidepasses, pivots, forehand turns and is doing really great on the obstacle course. Very sweet, people loving, trusting gelding with a willing heart. Great family horse, great forever horse. This is the horse that you can put your whole family on and friends who drive up. Sam is only available for purchase because of his owner's family's health problems and having to dedicate time to being a caretaker. $12,000

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***SOLD*** Congratulations, Nancy!

"Boogie" -- 7-yr-old 15H (just a little under) black & white spotted Tennessee Walking Horse spirited mare, probably gentle for most people (advanced beginner and up) to ride. She is a direct daughter of the World Grand Champion "Calvin Klein", and performs a thrilling true racking gait, unless you ask her to perform her true, head-shaking walking gait. Boogie has been to the ocean, to the lake, on camping trips and to indoor arenas to play around. She has won blue ribbons in the show ring with youth riders and then I've had a blast riding her through the forest on our camping trips. $5500***SOLD***

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"Sophie" -- Classy, Drop Dead Gorgeous Black & White Spotted Tennessee Walking Horse with top bloodlines. Perfect age (7 years old), great size (15.2H). We raised her! We trained her, and we've hauled her across the nation, camping in Texas, Colorado, Montana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, etc., ridden her in parades, won in horse shows with her, and won at obstacle competitions with her. She has a fabulous head shaking Tennessee Walk, and will also sit up in the bridle and perform a thrilling racking gait. Her canter is the dreamiest rocking chair canter you've ever ridden. She side passes, pivots, forehand turns, backs, and most anyone would feel comforable riding her. She has miles and miles on her odometer yet is a relatively young horse (7 years old) with a lifetime to offer a family or person. We bred her to our stallion and she had a gorgeous filly, which we knew would be spotted because she is homozygous for tobiano, and we look forward to raising and developing her filly (Salsa) to be a great horse like her gorgeous mama! $9500**SOLD**



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Congratulations to little Liv from Washington State

on the purchase of our beloved Alen's Painted Desert!






"Alen's Painted Desert" --**SOLD** Meet our sure-footed, four-beat gaited, rocking chair cantering, easy, gentle Spotted Alen Again bred buckskin tobiano gelding. Gentle as a puppydog and most anyone can ride him and feel safe. Head-shaking Tennessee Walk, slow carousel canter, side passes, forehand turns, pivots, water obstacles, can pony colts off of him, hauled across the nation on camping trips -- click on his picture to see more info and video. This horse is ready for competitive trail competition, hauling across the nation for trail riding, working cattle, or anything you might want to do with him. $15,000 Click on his picture for more information and his history. **SOLD**









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"Go Boy's Champagne Pride", known around the barn as "Gunsmoke"

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WARNING:  This stallion ( "Go Boy's Champagne Pride", also known as "Gunsmoke") may not be exciting enough for your taste.  (Click on his picture to go to his page.)  This is the first time (on 9/1/05) that he has been ridden in two years, and Jennifer chose to ride him bareback.  She thought (actually hoped) that he would challenge her riding skills, and after a 20-minute workout with no misbehavior for her to practice her horse whispering on, she couldn't decide whether to challenge him herself or hug him, so she did both!!



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Congratulations, Hannah and "PattyCake" on your FFA Showmanship Grand Championship!

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All of the Tennessee Walking Horses are registered with the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' & Exhibitors' Association, unless otherwise stated.  Some are also registered with the Racking Horse Breeders' Association and/or the Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders' & Exhibitors' Association (or National Spotted Saddle Horse Association), and all have current negative coggins report (within one year).

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NOTICE:  We are not a 9-5 business, and since we work and travel a lot, we show horses on an appointment basis.  Please be sure to call and set up an appointment before driving out here -- we'd hate for you to make the drive and then us not even be home for a few days!  (We state this now because it has happened a couple of times already.)







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What does the elephant and the Tennessee Walking Horse have in common?  Wanna see proof that the Tennessee Walking Horse is an all-natural gait, not man-made?  Click on the elephant to find out!







These wonderful companions help us train these horses to ensure that your new pleasure mount is not afraid of dogs!  Click on DJ's picture to spend some time with the dogs we ride with!





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October, 2010 NWHA show:

First horse show for this duo!  Hannah wins several blue ribbons on Joy (click on her picture to see more)


October, 2011 NWHA show:

Second horse show for this duo (different judge)!  Hannah wins several blue ribbons on Joy and this time, she does it on her own, without my supervision! This is a dynamic team of talent, for sure!



2010 Year End Champion Horseman Division Texas Trail Challenges

riding "LV King Tuck", a beautiful stout bay horse she purchased from us in 2006.  Click on their picture to see video from our recent weekend on this competitive trail ride and for more info on Texas Trail Challenges.


Announcing:  "Peddlin' The Gold"

4-yr-old Beautiful Palomino Tennessee Walking Horse Mare






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Congratulations to Becca and caitlin on their championship wins this weekend (3/3/12) at the lone star gaited pleasure association show in lufkin, texas! click on leo's picture to see their story.


These pleasure Tennessee Walking Horses are ridden daily through neighborhoods around traffic, dogs, 4-wheelers, 18-wheelers, school buses, cattle, emus and we take them through the National Forest, to the Gulf of Mexico to play in the ocean, the river, organized trail rides, parades and even an occasional show or two. We have relied on honesty, quality and integrity for the last 15 years to maintain a solid reputation and these horses will be exactly what we tell you. All vices/personality traits are disclosed up front before you meet the horse. Weanlings and yearlings Tennessee Walkers have been imprinted at birth, taught to lead, stand tied, handle their feet, be clipped and load in a trailer.  If you desire, we can arrange for a vet check on the horse you are interested in, and for out-of-state buyers, you can check to see what your state requires for shipping a horse (from anywhere) into your state, as well as a list of equine transport companies, by clicking on the animated "Hobo Horse", above left.  (Most of the time, all that is required is a negative EIA (neg. coggins) within 12 months and a health certificate within 30 days.)  All sales transactions are the jurisdiction of our barn in Hardin, Liberty County, Texas. 

Please note that a review of these pages does not constitute solicitation of sales. 

Lunch break at a restaurant on the way to the Angelina Forest.



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