I love to hear back from the horses which leave Cloud 9 Walkers, and have posted some pictures sent back to me here.



Here are a couple of pictures of Sweet Tater and me together. We renamed him Cisco and he’s already answering to it. He is a VERY smart horse. Anyway, we love him already. Christine said it looked like I was leading him around by his lead rope the other day like I was walking a dog. I was just enjoying him so much that I didn’t want to turn him back out into the pasture where we’re boarding him. Thanks again for everything.

Michael, 8/29/12






 "Hi Laura and Huey -- Greetings from Donna and Ernie. Ernie is having his first day of training with a packed horse. Usually I start with one horse that really knows his job and add the green one. I just don't have that luxury this time. We are making haste slowly and all is going well.
Another month and we will be packing in the mountains.
Thanks for all the photos of our trip, many folks here have enjoyed them and of course I was puffed up with pride."
Donna (8/2/12)





Hi Laura
Sorry I haven't contacted you sooner, time is just flying by! Just wanted to send you an update on poppy, now known as Poco. Hope you like the name it was really kind of an accident. When I first moved him to the barn everyone asked what his name was I told them, but also told them I was thinking about Poco (remember that band from long long long ago, lol?). Anyway I had a crazy week at work and wasnt able to go back out for about 3 days, and when I went back everyone was calling him Poco, so it was a done deal! I absolutely love him. You know I was smitten with him from the first time I saw> him in your barn and didnt even realize he was for sale. He is exactly what I needed and is one of the sweetest horses ever. Plus he has a very playful personality which I love. He is barefoot now and is doing fine with that. I read that if barefoot seems to change their gait, you can try those velcro bellboots and it can help, so if I need to I will try that, so far it seems ok. He has settled into his new sourroundings and seems happy and content here at Sundance Ranch in Manvel. The horse in the pic with him is his new BFF and they are always paired off. The other pic was taken 7-27 with his new saddle I had made for him. My beautiful comfortable fantabulous Tucker just didnt fit him right, so had this one made through a company called Crest Ridge Saddlery out of Missouri. They seem to specialize in saddles for gaited horses and mules. I like it so far and Poco seems to like it too. First time he didnt have some dry spots on his back, so the fit seems right. I want to thank you and Huey for training such wonderful, calm, & willing horses. Thanks again, Donna 7/31/12




Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see our 'reunion' camping trip (lots of customers, friends, and horses purchased from us) at the Angelina Forest during the week of 11/4/10.




Just another view of Beau. I cant thank you enough for this beautiful horse. I don't know how I would have made it through the past year without my buddy. Thank you for him and thank you for all your words of encouragement. I have many angels to thank this year for the blessing of being a survivor. You are one of them. God bless you darling. -- Sharon in Texas 11/7/11







This is from Jazz Man's new owner:

"He's such a wonderful horse. I'm so happy with him!!! I can't believe how sweet and good nature dhe is. He is adjusting really well to his new home. I'm looking forward to our adventures together !!! Thanks so much !!! -- Lyndsey in Colorado










(Kimmy, now known as 'Sevvy", has a wonderful new home!


Sevvy had her first trail adventure at Lake Bardwell today.  She was absolutely perfect, Laura!  I am so pleased.  Thank you for creating such a perfect trail companion.  She is SO SPECIAL.  She was happy leading or following -- was never in a hurry -- used her mind while listening perfectly to my subtle cues.  Handled culverts, mud, hills, ruts, a horse with his nose up her tail dancing (she kicked him just a little) all with chill and grace.  Trailered a charm.  Knows her whoa.  When I get another horse, I'm coming to you!  Or at least you're training 'em for awhile.  Oh, and the kids at my barn are all smitten with her because she is such a little lady baby.  Barley loves Sevvy!

-- Barley V. in Texas, 2/17/11




Hi, we got home just fine last night, she was an angel in the trailer...put her in a stall next all night, then took her to Jones Park this morning for a 2 1/2 ride.  She was perfect...just cruised along so nicely when I asked her, and kept up with and wanted to be ahead of the other walkers, just a dream.  Not a twinge of pain in my back all day....
Then she stood tied to the trailer for another hour while we ate our problem at all....everyone liked her and said how well behaved and easy she was.  A perfect horse for me.
Thanks for everything....I am beyond pleased.... 
 Claudia.... 10/18/10






Note:  I was worried that Sissy (now Adia) was a little too nervous for a lot of the people who called, but Lindsey asked me to really test this mare with her in mind, and I did, calling her several times from Sissy's back.  We finally determined that she would work out.  I hate that I was initially wrong and misjudged this sweet mare, but I don't mind erring on the side of caution!  . . . Laura, Cloud 9 Walkers


Laura,  So far she has been a dream to work with. I was only able to ride her for 2 hrs last week, but it was the best trail ride I've had all year! Her feet got pretty ouchy on the rocks and the boots I have were too small for her. I didn't want to hurt her. She is so sweet. She and my rocky mare have buddied up.

She was easy to tack up, stood like a rock for me to get on, and then walked off when I asked. She was very responsive to my cues, slowed down with very slight rein pressure, moved off my legs, picked her way down the hills and over the rock. Riding her up an incline was like riding an escalator! She rode behind the boss mare just fine, and then we took the lead with no problems. She's funny...she snorted the entire ride! We came upon other horses on the trail, an atv with a loud generator, two men drilling into an overhang (though I'm not sure why they were doing that!) a couple of dogs....she never got anxious or nervous at all. I was worried about what might happen, but she was just fine.

And for the first time in 8 years, since my accident, I rode pain free and was pain free after the ride as well! That's what I've been waiting for. We'll ride again this weekend. She won't need boots for this ride as the trails are sandy. I have my fingers crossed that she is my "dream horse." So far, I really like her.

We did rename her the Sarah McLaughlin song. Pretty name for a pretty girl.

If you have any pointers, please let me know. Thanks!

Lindsey, from Big South Fork camp in Tennessee, before heading home to West Virginia, 9/12/10

UPDATE:  Well, we had our second ride today and all I can say is.....AWESOME!!!! We encountered bike rider, heavy machinery in the woods, more riders, deer that were running across our trail and then parallel to us on the trail. She was only mildly interested in everything. We had to cross over 30 logs, through 8" of mud, streams, blaze a couple of trails to go around fallen trees, up the blacktop for about half a mile, a mule and dog.......and NOTHING fazed her. She would slow down and look but kept on moving. When hubby's mare spooked at the deer that ran in front of her, Adia just watched it run through the woods. She didn't even flinch!!! I think it's official....I'M IN LOVE WITH HER!!!!

Today I got to feel her glide ride and I can tell you without question she is the SMOOTHEST gaited horse I've EVER ridden. And,again, no pain at all after the ride. We led, followed, walked side by side with the boss mare...Adia was relaxed but aware. She loads herself in the trailer! Yep, I'm in LOVE!!!

Hubby had to eat a little of my dust this time! LOL! I'm afraid to let him try Adia.....LOL! But, if we are ever in the market for another smooth, safe, and sane mare I'll be contacting you. You guys do a fabulous job training your horses

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Lindsey and Adia, 9/19/10




Hi Laura & Huey,

I want to give you a short update on Snickers and Piper (previously
Pippi and Steffi).  My sister visited from Austin last week and just the
two of us did a long ride at Ann and Tommy's Friday morning.  This was
my first outing with just us "two".  They did great!  So did I!  I loped
and it was awesome!  My sister had not really ridden since a child and
she rode Snickers bareback around my property before we trailered to
Ann's.  I wish I had started with gaited horses at age 55.  I feel like
I have wasted 7 years of my horse riding life!   Karen came for the
weekend and we all rode at Ann's again Saturday morning.  Snickers walks
up to my fence every time he sees me in the yard. He LOVES attention. 
Piper follows him and is improving on her shyness. Over Labor Day
weekend, Gary and I will be doing a couples ride with Ann and Tommy
Friday evening, and Sunday my two six-year old granddaughters will be
here for their first lesson on Snickers in my neighbor's round pen.     

Sandi (in Brenham, Texas) . . . 8/30/10










Scout, now renamed "Mikey" (because he eats everything!) now lives in Brenham, Texas with the beautiful buckskin mare "Jackie O", on a large cattle farm.  He was purchased as a 'husband horse' and apparently, he is doing his job quite well.  Here is a letter back from his new home:




I am writing to ask you if I should be insecure in my relationship with my husband, Tommy, given what is going on between him and Mikey/Scout.   As a friend, I  need your advice, because my husband has never been distracted with someone else like this.   I have always thought we had the perfect relationship, but now I feel like someone else is intruding……  Here is what you need to know to help me analyze my possible insecurity.

Monday evening.   Tommy took Mikey over to Sophie’s.   They went by themselves.   There is no one there and there are no cattle there, so it is quite quiet and peaceful.    Mikey had never been there before.   He had to cross the big dam, no problem.   Something bothered him just a tiny bit right when they got to the house, but no problem.    Then when Tommy went into the house to check for leaks, problems, etc., Mikey actually started crying (whinnying) for him.    Pitiful.    Of course the second Tommy came out of the house and the two lovebirds were reunited, Mikey was fine.

Later Monday evening – Tommy told me that I really shouldn’t be expecting him to be working on projects in the evening because he would be riding his horse instead!!!


Scout's new owner, Tommy rides him on the ranch on 7/17/10.


Tuesday evening.    Tommy rode Mikey in the pasture behind our house.   Later Tommy said his gait was wonderful.    He repeated the idea that he would be riding Mikey at night rather than doing projects!

Late Tuesday evening – Tommy told me that his horse was the best thing that had happened to him in years.

Should I be insecure??!!!!!!!!!!

 Ann, 7/21/10



This picture just makes me smile . . . yes, Ann is holding down the button while her horse drinks from the water fountain.  Yeah, if we can come back in the next life as anything we want, I'd want to be Ann's horse!


I had a great ride on Jackie today - - afterwards it was hilarious - - she wanted to drink with me out of the water fountain at the barn!!  I got a picture – but it doesn’t really show her slurping.   Pretty soon I'll be asking her if she wants her tea sweet or unsweet!

She is so much fun - - her canter is just lovely.    I also made her leave the other horses and do some stuff by herself.   She wasn’t thrilled, but then got it fairly well.   Again, we’ll keep practicing.    However, we have a large problem  - - it is very, very clear to me that we will need a companion TWH for Jackie!!!!!!! (Did I scare you?!)    It just isn’t cutting it to ride with QH’s.    They are so slow and boring.    Gypsy (the part TWH) just isn’t up to it any more (32 or 34 years old?)   We tried that today and I just don’t want to ask her to try to keep up.    Clearly we will be talking about this at length, but I would like you to start thinking about it.    It needs to be a horse that may not even get ridden once a week, but will still not forget everything.    Karen and I are both kicking ourselves for not riding Mikey (a/k/a "Scout")……   Ann in Brenham, Texas, 7/11/10



Hi Laura, its Sara, thank you sooo much for Cameo. I love her already!! She is such a good mare. I've riden her four times already and she was just awsome. We took her out on trail last night, and the ranch is next to the 605 freeway and she didn't do anything. So thank you for teaching her not to be scared of cars zooming by. i rode her today by myself to go and look at the freeway and she just stood there like a good girl. The people at the ranch love her her dark coloring. Even the two guys that hauled her in said that she looks like a good horse. Thank you again for her and can't wait for you to stop in and see her and Pride!

                                                                Sara in California, 5/15/10

HI Laura,
   I know Sara replied to your e-mail. I was out of town this weekend.  She is one happy girl!  I had asked her, "Are you totally happy?" and "Are you disappointed at all about anything?" I got the geez are you crazy Mom look!  Cameo has been absolutely perfect!
    I have taken some pictures, I will get a few in the mail to you.  I even hopped on her one day and she sure was a fun ride.  Different than my boy, but I really enjoyed her.   How fun they both are!!!
     The ranch is having a camping trip the second week in June.  We are all looking so forward to it.  I will take lots of pictures and forward some of those too. 
      Thank you for mailing her papers. I will get them transferred over soon.  She's had a few owners in her lifetime huh?  Well, I feel totally confident in saying that she's now in her forever home.  She is doing real well.  Adapted right from the beginning.  She is really is a nice, quiet mare.  Beauty and brains!! 
      Thank you again.  You have brought quite a bit of joy to L Bar S and a few of the people I care most about in the world.  Nothing better than seeing them laugh and having a good time.  It warms a heart. 
       Take care and I'll get some pictures in the mail to you soon.  Thank you Miss Laura!
in California, 5/16/10

Cameo at left, and Cherokee Pride at right, shortly after Cameo's arrival in California.

Sara, Wendy and Lori getting ready to head out on a trail ride!



We had lots of rain overnight so my arenas are lakes. I decided to take Pride for a spin this morning so I took to the streets he was wonderful. A little snorty when I threw a saddle on him but I decided to ignore that. : ) He is a blast and has a nice descent handle on him. I love his energy, he is really an honest guy. I love him already, you represented him well. Again, we will be in the market for another horse so you know what I like keep me in mind. I'm trailering him out Wednesday the weather will be better and I can feel him out a little more.

-- Lori in California, 4/12/10


Hi Laura,
Yes, I did get the bits and I used it on him last ride on sunday in the riverbed. I have pics when he arrived but none while i'm riding him. But I will send you some soon I promise. I am having a blast on him and we are really clicking I just love his high stepping busy gait he's perfect for me. He is full of himself when we start out but settles in after a few minutes. We have lots of flat long sandy trails one is about 1 mile long with 3-4" of soft sand/dirt I got the chance to really let him rack out (I think he loved it even more than me) he nickers every morning when i show up at the barn so he knows who his person is now.  I think people at my facility think I've lost it, I've gone from the perfect little fancy reining horses to a tall, funky, saddlebredy (new word) looking walker that I absolutely love and wouldn't trade for anything he's just too fun.  He doesn't look real fancy standing around but he sure is under saddle  : ) 

-- Lori in California, 4/27/10






Eli, oh my Eli, I just love that horse.  He is so much fun and he's grown too Laura.  A bit taller and he's put on muscle in his neck and looks fabulous.  I've been experimenting with is speed and found he responds to the kiss sound and gave me a burst of speed the other day that made me kick my feet forward and lean back to stay in the seat.  Sweet!!!  Oh man that horse is just so much fun on the trails.  He MOVES but listens very well too.  I'm in the process of putting a leg on him.  I just couldn't be happier.  I regret not buying Pistolero as well when he came up for resale.  I'll send pics when they're shed out for summer.  In the meantime, like I said before, be on the lookout for another speed horse.  FAST please.  Hugs, Bonnie in California 2/17/10.







Laura and Huey,
I just have to tell you. I have waited my whole life for a horse like this. I feel so blessed to have him. He's a true Fairy Tale Horse and I still have to pinch myself to see if I'm dreaming sometimes.
When I'm on the trails and he's gaiting perfectly or goes into that awesome slow rocking horse canter, I can't help but start to giggle like a little girl and sometimes I just have to holler WHOO HOO!! The neighbors must think I'm (as Clinton Anderson would put it) cracked. I'll have to get some pictures made of him and I and get them to you. Or, better yet, just get out here and ride with me.
Thank you for helping to make it happen and for giving me a chance to own what I'm thinking will be my mount til the end. ( which I pray is a long time from now)

Have a Blessed Day,
Becky P in Huffman, Texas





He's so well mannered, knows even more than I thought! I got him to side pass for me the second time I rode him, my sister showed me a couple tricks and he's extremely smart!  Very light and responsive so it's extremely easy to work with him :)

Comanche and I had a couple beautiful winter rides over Christmas/New Years ... I thought I'd share a couple of the pictures, it gives you an idea of my parents/grandparents ranch and the views as well.  Only 12 miles from Canada as the crow flies!  I hope you had a wonder Holiday!  Cheers, Mariah






I keep gushing over Dr McDreamy - I can't seem to control myself. The last time I was this exhilarated was when  our first foal was born, then when I got my last TW, Bad Boy - and the other time was when Santa brought me my very first horse on Christmas morning of my 2nd grade year. That was the best Christmas gift I ever received. She was my best friend for 12 years.
   He was wonderful yesterday. He's actually calmer than my last guy, Bad Boy. There were a couple of tense moments but only for a second or two - he calms down when I ask him to and he goes when I ask him to. He's super responsive, light on the bit and willing and obedient and smart! He catches on so fast. I am so thrilled with him that I forgot it took all three of us to get him unloaded. ha! Debbi picked us up with her 3-horse trailer. She had the 2nd stall divider closed so I thought it was for a reason and just loaded him into the last stall. Well - he was having no part of backing out of a trailer. It was too confined for him to turn around. Ended up putting his bridle on for more control and Bobbie stood in the window and goaded him to back up while I got on the other side of the divider and pushed his bum over to guide him toward the door opening and Debbie pulled him back with a rope around his chest. We finally got him out. However - in all that chaos, even though he obviously was leary of the situation, he never got wild or out of control. He was a sweet, sweet boy. Of course, on loading for the return I put him in the middle stall so he could easily turn around for the unload. I'll work with him on that but the more we work together, the more he'll learn to trust me and I think the problem will go away. And I'll try to always put him in one of the inner stalls so he can turn around and walk out. All my horses prefer that. Who wouldn't? After my experiences with him yesterday, at least so far, I would feel safe riding him in a parade. He's aware of everything around him but he's not spooky. Any horse can spook but he's not a spooky horse.
   He wants to please. After our ride and practicing on the obstacle course, I saw Debbi in the arena with the local trainer showing her how to train her horse to sidepass so I joined them and she showed me, too. We were head to the fence and I tried pressure to his side but he's thinking that means to go forward and he was trying so hard to please me that he was ready to go through that fence if that's what I wanted! Got to love that guy. What heart. She told me to tap, tap, tap since he wasn't getting it with just the pressure so I did and after a few tap, tap, taps, he picked up his back leg and kicked at my foot - not to hurt me but to tell me to "back off, sister, I'm doing the best I can!" He did that a couple of times - ha! - it was funny and I felt bad that he wasn't understanding but finally he got it and crossed over a couple of steps and I praised him well and he caught on. Just did it a few times each way. He's more willing to go to the right than to the left but that's probably me cause I feel more relaxed going to the right than the left and I'm sure that translates to him. We'll get there.
    He obviously was not familiar with obstacle courses - first one was a 4' square of landscaping timbers with blue tarp - nope, he was not interested in going in there. Tried to coax him in a few times but, instead of making it a torture for him, I got Debbi to come over and take her horse across so Mac could him see him do it. We followed her and he cautiously did the walk. After that he did everything, again cautiously, which is smart and what I want when we're on the trails where he can sometimes gauge situations better than me from his angle. I am so proud of him. And I feel good that I now know I have a good horse for competition. He is very smart and willing and wants to please. What more could I ask for?





Dear Laura,

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I am enjoying Charlie Brown, we renamed him Knox for Fort Knox when the kids said his mane and tail were golden.  I feel so confident and happy when I ride, we go everywhere and do everything.  We just had our first trail competition at the LBJ Grasslands. We entered the training level class at the Supreme Trail Challenge and got 4th out of 22 entered.  I am bringing him along slowly and conditioning him mentally and physically for distance riding and our first NATRC competitive trail ride will be in December.  Sending you a picture to let you see I found my smile!!

Amy in Texas






Just wanted to let you know that we were home safe and sound and of course the whole family loves him.  He got along right away with my other gelding.  He snorted at the goat and pig at first but was quickly overcome by curiosity and went over to meet them at the fence.  My daughter asked when she would be able to ride him and she renamed him Knox for the gold in his mane and tail after Fort Knox which they are learned about in school this year.  I am looking forward to hitting the trails with him and will let you know how we do in competition later after we get to know each other better and get in shape for it.
Thank you so much for helping me find my fun again with riding!!!
Amy in Texas, 5/23/09



Hey guys!  Just a quick note to tell you how awesome Sweet Tater is!  He handled the new pasture, stall, 2 mares and a sheep with a calm, confident attitude that is unusual in such a young horse.  He was non-aggressive, yet didn't let those mares bully him at all!  This morning I took him alone to ride at the giant covered riding arena at Galveston County Fairgrounds.  He was AWESOME!!!  We practiced all the stuff I need to practice on and did a lot of slow running walks and slow loping.  I LOVE his lope now - I just needed to get used to it.  Sweet Tater did everything I asked perfectly (except for parking out, but that was definitely "rider error")!!
Thanks for everything - I'll send some pictures soon.

-- Betty, Dickinson, TX

July 26, 2009







Hi Laura,

We just love Frisco...he is such a sweet heart.  Our granddaughter, Danielle is just going to flip when she opens her Christmas present and finds the picture of Frisco.

Danielle rode Frisco for the first time at our horse camp-Christmas party and she told her parents, “he (Frisco) didn’t do anything wrong”. 

She doesn’t know we purchased him, she thinks he is on loan.

I am sending you some pictures of Danielle and Frisco.  I’ll send some of her riding him in the near future.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Betty and Will, 12/16/08
















Hi Laura,

 How are you doing?  I hope you and your farm is doing wonderful.  I see that you guys had snow.  It has been pretty cold and wet here too.  Weird.  Anyway, I wanted to give you an update on my little darling dream horse….Princess Beauty aka…..Miss Thang aka…… Patience. J

 Patience and I are taking dressage lessons for walkers together and we are showing in the Arizona Nationals in January.  We’ll see how that goes.  I am also auditioning for a women’s riding club…..Golden West Cowgirls….with Patience to do charity work around town, parades, etc. 

 It is amazing….I feel like Patience was my missing link.  I adore her….and she knows it too. ;-)   

 We went on vacation in October for a week to Colorado and stayed at BootJack Ranch.  We took Patience and a couple of our other horses.  It was just amazing and beautiful!

 I thought you should know that Christopher and I really believe that you did a fantastic job in everything you did with her.  I would buy another horse from you in a heartbeat.  My instructor and my veterinarian keep telling me….whenever I am ready to sell her, they will take her off my hands…….my response?  “I won’t ever sell this girl….she is my angel with invisible wings. “ 

 Patience and I do a lot of midnight rides….bareback with a hackamore….and everyone is jealous.  J  My instructor said that Patience just wants to please me and she is an over achiever.  She has really become my best friend.  I cannot say enough to thank you for everything you did. 

I hope you have a Wonderful Christmas. 

Amanda in arizona on 12/15/08














LEFT:  Amanda bonds with Silver Mint here, before she leaves on her journey from Texas to Arizona.  RIGHT:  Giving kisses in the parking lot on the way home to Arizona.




Two stunningly beautiful ladies!






I realized I haven't talked to you in awhile.
I just have to tell you I fall in love with this horse more every day. Grayson is such a cuddle bunny.  The attached picture shows how he likes to snuggle.
He brings me such joy!
He did great on our weekend at the Grasslands in May and I was so proud of him.
We've been working on shoulder in and haunches in at our lessons and he is such a quick learner.  If you repeat something a few times he even anticipates the routine. 
I think I may train him to bow.  We have a carrot trick we do now that sets us up in that direction.  If I could send video, I would.  He has to reach between his legs to get a carrot.  Then when he points at his belly between his legs again, he gets another carrot.
He is just the cutest guy.  I love his personality.  I am so glad the Lord said "this is the one".  I think He picked well.
Kathy / 6-11-08




Well, I just wanted to send you a note informing you of how Coin is doing.  Bill and Coin are absolutely a wonderful match.  Geez Lady, you are a whiz at matching people and horses.  Thank you.  Bill has never had a green horse before and has really done well with Coin.  I used to be the one to work out any issues with the horses, but I told him if he really wanted to have the perfect horse he had to train him and I would help from the ground and demonstrate as needed (I don't consider myself a professional trainer).  Well, Coin has been the perfect student.  He is patient, fun, curious and really smart -- but you already know that.  Coin has instilled in Bill a real sense of partnership and pride for what they accomplish.  I am so happy for them both.  Anyway, it's been too long since I emailed you and I want to say thanks for such a wonderful buddy for Bill.  We really love Coin.  I hope Nite/Huckleberry is happy in his new home too.  Please, let us know if you decide to make a trip west as we would be happy to accommodate you, the Gila Wilderness is wonderful in the fall and we do have space to put up a couple of horses.
Wishing you Health, Happiness, and Horses, -- Dee and Bill, New Mexico, 5/28/08

Hi Laura,
Hey long time no hear, huh?  I don't know if you got my email last summer about how great Coin and Bill are getting along, I had sent pics too.  All I can say is, "Wow", once again your savvy at matching horse and human amazed me.  Bill was so concerned about a young horse and you insisted Coin was right for him.  Well they are certainly perfect for each other, and I too enjoy Coin.  With Bill, Coin is laid-back and a real husband-sitter.  With me, Coin lights up and shows his stuff.  He's just too cool.  I think you get the idea.  Oh, BTW Coin has dapples this spring :]  Thanks for the wonderful job you've done with Coin.  Bill calls him his "old mans" horse.
Okay, enough bragging on wonder boy.  I am interested in purchasing one of your colts.  Please give me your advice regarding Gunslinger and Winchester.  They are both beautiful.  I am looking for a quiet colt to saddle train in a few years.  All of the training you advertise for Gunslinger is impressive, does this also apply to Winchester?
Bill and I are going to attend the Extreme Mustang Makeover Sept 18-21 in Ftl Worth.  If I do purchase a colt from you that would be the time to arrange for pickup.
We have moved again--for the last time--to Los Lunas, NM just south west of Albuquerque, we have a nice little farm and it's not as hot here as it is in the southern part of NM.  Bill and I bought a small animal practice in Albuquerque, after deciding corporate vet practice was NOT for us.  Feels good to finally settle down and be back in private practice.
Hope you are enjoying great health and happiness.  Looking forward to hearing from you -- Dee, 6/06/2009










Just realized you'd probably like a photo of Coin taking care of a young and upcoming horsewoman.
Dee, 6/26/09







You are a woman of your word.  He's wonderful!  And such a sweetheart.  I've renamed Bling-Bling.  I call him Rippleriver--River for short.  He rides like a gently flowing river with really fun rapids when you ask for it......So "River" it is.
A new worker at the barn is a Walker fanatic and she's fallen for him.  She's given me some riding pointers and made sure I had the bridle and curb chain right. It came off the first time I rode him and he still responded to my "whoa".  I've never ridden such a well trained mannerly horse.  Thank you for that. 
He makes me want to be a better rider.  He's even inspired me to get back on track with my fitness and diet routine.  I hope to be one of Nutrisystem's success stories.  I know River will appreciate it. 
Today I rode him in the indoor arena with a girl on a huge appaloosa.  She used him as her lead horse and led four different horses--one at a time---around for a pretty good workout.  They were pretty green and gave her all she could handle.  One even got loose and he roared around the arena bucking and having himself a good old fashioned wild romp.  None of the horses--even the "Wild Man"--phased my River.  As the runaway exploded around the arena, River just stood quietly with his ears perked up as if to say, "What's that crazy horse doing?" I was so proud of him.
Sunday after you delivered him, I went out in the pasture to get him.  He wasn't too sure who I was or what I wanted--especially when I had Rueben, my mule, following me around wanting me to take him instead.  Rueben--the hay hound--finally lost interest in me when we got to the hay bale.  With the rest of the horses at the the bale, I had River's full attention.  He pranced off the first time I approached him, so I walked away from him.  He immediately stopped and turned toward me.   We were about 20 feet apart and I called him and held out my hand.  With his beautiful perked up ears, he sauntered up to me and let me scratch his forehead.  I backed up a few steps and he came with me.  I scratched his head again and slipped the halter on with no trouble.  Now he meets me at the fence.  Thanks for giving him that trust in humans. He doesn't beat Rueben to the fence, but he's always just behind him.  They even hang out together a little.  There's a really young Rocky Montain horse in the pasture that still thinks he's a stallion.  He bullies everyone else in the pasture.  River keeps his distance just like you said he would.  He's such a good boy. 
We had a monsoon on Monday and the pasture and everywhere else in the tri-state area was deep in mud.  River lost a shoe in the muck.  I had checked and cleaned his feet on the left side and his right front foot.  Then he did something I still don't believe----River raised his back right foot before I even got to it!!  Since I didn't get there fast enough, he rested it on his "tiptoe"--if that can be a horse term.  I guess "tiphoof" would be better.  With the slightest touch he raised it for me.  Again---thanks for the great training and trust.  Since I've requested the farrier, the stable owner asked if River stands good for the farrier........It made me laugh.
Speaking of the farrier, I believe you told me I could just have his hooves trimmed and shod like a quarter horse.  Isn't that right?  The stable owner (and Walker owner) suggested I should have his hooves grow out more into a Walker hoof.  Being the novice and not having any real knowledge about hooves and the style of the trim, I'm always open to ideas from more knowledgeable people.  But for this horse, you are my main source of knowledge.  I'm planning on staying with the trim style and shoes you brought him to me with.  Please let me know if it should be done differently.  I just want what's best for River.
We've got a bad winter storm headed here tomorrow.  Sleet, then ice, then 5 inches of snow.  I might just bring River home and let him sleep on the couch tomorrow night.  You can't help but love him.
He is the horse I've always dreamed about.
Forever grateful,
Nancy in Marion, Illinois







"He's Armed With Champagne", by "Go Boy's Champagne Pride" and out of "Image of A Dangerous Lady".


Click on picture to LEFT to see Cajun's first ride under saddle.





Here you go Laura- pic of my sweet baby. I braided his hair so I could scratch his shoulders and neck while I was sitting on him and Tyler snapped our picture. Cajun was so relaxed that he just rolled over and fell asleep!! I’ve been on him about 8 times for about 30 min each. He’s a pure pleasure. He doesn’t even mind being the lead horse, although boogers still scare him a lot. We have a lot of construction along the road where we ride and he gets intimidated by the workers and noise. I’m bareback on him right now so I don’t force him to go by as I’m afraid he’ll dump me off onto the pavement, but we do our best.  He’s precious!

We are doing a despooking program for one of my horses here and we decided to do it for all of them. Cajun thought the despooking area was a playground. He was into all of it rooting through all the scary stuff. He tried to eat everything we despooked him with. We even dragged a grocery bag full of cans around him and instead of being scared, he chased it! He tried to eat the umbrella we opened up at him and a tug of war trying to get it back from him broke the umbrella! He picks up all my poles that I use for gaiting practice, and unties all the horses from the hitching post. I have to do double knots to keep everyone in their place! He also pushes his food tub around the paddock like a baby carriage. There is always a 2 foot wide smoothed dirt trail winding through the paddocks. Looks like a giant snake slithers through there every day! We used to let the wheelbarrow in the paddocks for the horses to eat out of but after Cajun broke the first one trying to get IN it, we now have to take them out!! He’s a riot!

Tracey in Georgia, 7/17/07


Hey Laura- I just wanted to tell you about my weekend. I had a friend come to see me that has had a head injury. Her balance is good but her reaction time is slow and she has trouble remembering what to do in some circumstances. She desperately wanted to ride, so with hesitation, I put her on Cajun. He treated her like a china doll. Even with constant instruction she kept forgetting which rein to use for what and ended up making a mess of her cues for him. When he wasn’t sure what she wanted, he just stopped and patiently waited for her to figure out what to do and then he calmly walked off. She rode him a total of 3 hours over a couple of days and he just babysat her the whole time. I was so proud of him!  Here’s a few pics! He’s priceless!

Tracey B, 8/15/08






Everyone loves him out at our barn!!  He follows whoever is cleaning the pens and stalls like a big puppy.  They say they can't get any work done because he is right there next to them the whole time.

With the storms he gets nervous if he senses it in the distance but hard rain on a metal roof really gets him nervous.
He plays very well with others. If they play quietly, he does too.  If they get a bit rough he holds his own and plays back just as much.  But he doesn't bully anyone and gets along with all.
I sure wish I had seen him jump that wheelbarrow.  Wow.  Athletic little guy!

Kathy, 7/9/07



"Grey Boy", now known as "Grayson"




Please keep Sharon in your prayers as she battles hard for her life.  She is highly allergic to the poison that is required to kill the Stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer and having to endure massive amounts of steroids to facilitate the chemo.  She keeps a journal of her experiences at M.D. Anderson in Houston, Texas and she has the absolute most cheerful, positive attitude about it all, despite the crippling blows dealt her.  May she be back in the saddle soon!  (Updated 8/7/10)


I attached some pictures I hope you enjoy.  Bruce was washing down the wood deck in front of our trailers and Beau came up out of curiosity.  You can see in the 3 pictures the steps.  The funny one is him asking for Bruce to keep squirting water through his teeth.   Crazy horse.   He also loves watermelon.   The picture with me is him attacking me to get piece.   I had to stand up in the truck to keep him from mowing me down.   I love this horse!   One other is my granddaughter Sydney with him.  -- Sharon 9/24/06















I love it when this happens -- I get a good horse back to find a new home for, and in this case, Spirit just grew too big for Wanda (pictured below on this web page), so she brought him back to me to sell for her.  Now he belongs to Sharon, whom I call "Ms. America" because no matter how many pictures I take of her, NONE of them are bad!  It's impossible to take a bad picture of this lady!  


Hey Laura:

Hope all is well.  Just a short note to tell you that spirit horse is now called Beau.  It seems to fit him.  These are the pictures we took at the Hardin Farm.
He is just the gentle giant you promised.   What a character.  I wanted to ask you if he has ever been around cattle.  We have some new calves and he is fascinated with them.  He went so far as to pull on one of their tails.  It was hilarious.   The calf did not seem to mind,  it just looked at him like he was nuts.
He is like a big lovable puppy and boy does he love his treats.   Please keep in touch.  I will call soon and send more pics later.
luv ya



Laura,  As promised, here are some pictures of Aubrie and Taylor riding Paris. 
They are having a blast.  She is such a GREAT horse.  She really is.  We
are in love.  Also are a couple of pictures of Paris and the deer she loves!
Marianne 7/7/06


Here are some pictures of Snickers and Laddy that were taken in the Ozark National Forest in Arkansas only one week after we purchased them from you.  We are so pleased with their
trail experience and as you can see from  the pictures, they are very calm while posing on the edge of the cliff for a photo opportunity.
We are posing on the edge of the cliff during one of our rides. 
Thanks again for these wonderful guys.  We love them.

Ron and Carolyn Elliott -- 5/2/06



January 16, 2006

Hi Laura! -- Just wanted you to know how pleased I am to have purchased
Speed Racer from you a couple years ago.  I am an apprentice of Eric
Clarke, a natural horseman in the Austin, Texas area and he visited you to
pick out a horse for me.  I couldn't be happier.  It was a challenge at
first to put him into a snaffle bit and ride with a loose rein and leg
cues, but we have progressed continually and I now have my Level II and am
working on Level III in Eric's program.  I have attached a few photos from
the Apprentice week we had in Texas in October, 2005.  Yes, Speedy and I
have been back to Texas three times since we brought him home to Ohio.  We
love to travel!  One photo shows four of us "exchanging reins" and riding
at a trot (or gait in my case).  When all four of us are together, we "exchange reins", which
means the two in the middle are not controlling their horse at all, only
one rein of the horse on the end!  The concept is to get the horses and
the people working together toward a common goal . . . easier said than done!
  There is one photo showing me
trailer loading Speed at liberty from across the round pen.

I can't thank you enough.  As soon as I get my barn and arena finished I
will be back for more!
Wendy K. Sayer Cavotta
Thompson, Ohio
Eric Clarke Apprentice
"Horses help me keep my sanity!"










You don't know me, but I purchased a mare from Rick & Kathy Vandal back in 1998 or '97...Rick is the Sheriff of Fayette County and Ms. Vandal wrote me a letter stating she purchased Miss Lorisa Sorrel from you all..anyway, I love her soo much & have never ridden a better trained horse in my life...she has such an adventurous attitude with a dose of gusto...just like me...her registered Racking Horse Society name was Miss Lorisa Sorrel...but I shortended that to "Wheezie" & call her "Sleezy Wheezie" because she is soo cool & just breezes right along......thanks for the best horse I have ever known...P.S., the pic is of me & Ms. Wheezie on the dancefloor in an old barn outside of Gonzales...not real great of her, but shows you she will do anything I ask of her...

See ya,





I bought "Chance" from you a couple of years ago after a very bad experience with another horse.  I just wanted you to know that he has been the perfect horse for me.  We do lots of trail riding and he is so calm and sensible.  When other horses balk at an obstacle, Chance can always be counted upon to take the lead.  He is a horse that we feel comfortable in letting our friends ride without concern for their safety. Last summer and again this summer my husband and I trailered our horses up to the mountains of Colorado near Steamboat Springs and rode for hours each day.  Even in completely strange territory, Chance never spooked.  He is a great horse, and I am very happy to have found him.


I still read your web site regularly and have referred you to a number of people. I feel very fortunate to have discovered your website and to have purchased Chance from you.    

Barbara Schmidt  -- 7/21/05

Dear Laura,

I just wanted to let you know that Sunshine is my dream horse! I could not ask for a more willing horse, especially after my bad experiences prior to Sunshine. He enjoys being with me, and we have fun together. Sunshine has really boosted my horse confidence just as you told me he would! He is everything you said and then some. We have ridden alone and with Spirit and Wanda. In fact, the other day, I went to get him from the pasture to show him to the water trough, and I just led him by the neck without a halter, lead rope, or feed bucket. He knickers to me each morning when I wake up to tell him “Mornin’ Sunshine!” He is so affectionate. I just can not tell you how happy we all are with Sunshine. He is the best. After we rode with Wanda and Spirit on Sunday, I was washing him off. He stopped eating grass to play in the water hose with me. He actually stuck the whole hose in his mouth and drank like from a straw. He has a personality like I never thought that I would find in a horse. I trust him, and that is saying a lot coming from a horse skeptic! I will send pictures of us riding soon. Gotta go. Just wanted to tell you all about Sunshine and his settling in process. He acts as if he has lived here his whole life!

--Kristin Murphy 10/18/05


Hey Laura!

I wanted to let you know that I am thoroughly enjoying Sunshine. He is the most fun I have ever had with a horse. We started lessons together, and he is the best lesson horse! Our instructor comes to the house twice a week and works with us. We have made so much progress in just two lessons, and the bonding is great. He will follow me anywhere, and if he thinks that he is attached to you with a lead rope, he does not move. Last night, I was putting into another pasture, and I had already unsnapped his lead rope so that he could go to the barn to eat. He thought that since he had a halter on, he was to stay with me even though the other horses were eating and my husband was calling him. He is great and has fit in at our place great! He really likes to show off how gorgeous he is as well. I have taught him to close the gate behind him already. I marvel at how intelligent he really is. My farrier loves him as well. I will keep you updated and will try to get some pictures of us taking our lessons. I have attached a couple of us riding Sunshine the day we came to pick him up, after he got a bath, and some of my QH mare for sale. She is out of an “Impressive” sire. He seems to be to the QH world what “Pride’s Generator” is to the Walker world. She is HYPP N/N. If you know anyone who might be interested, please send them my information so that they can contact me. Thank you again! Hope you enjoy.

--Kristin Murphy, 11/3/05


Hi  Laura!

I hope all is good your way.  I want you to know that this little red/white baby you sold me is about the most spoiled thing I have EVER encountered.  He is a shadow that NO DOG could beat I promise.      He is either under the garage, looking in the window, or constantly meddling in something.  I am sending you a picture of him snooping in the ice chest that had ice in it up in the back of my cousin's truck.  He wanted to play with the ice, but when he touched it with his nose he would jerk his head up with a really funny look on his face, then back he would go.  I took the picture through my door that was right off my back porch which as you can see is kinda dirty....the glass has horse lips all over it!  Both he and Spirit are just fabulous.  I shaved Spirit's winter "whiskers" this evening, his bridal path, and his feet, and it was almost like he was a statue.  That horse is truly amazing to me.  The temperament of these two walkers is a true representation of the breed.  So gentle and people loving.  No matter where they are in the pasture, how much they have just eaten, whenever I call them they actually break and RUN to me even if out of site.  It is like calling dogs except they are a whole lot bigger and you just hope they find their brakes before the get too close!  LOL
Take Care,



Hey Laura!
Oh Geeze I wish you could know somehow just how much I have grown to love this big, gentle boy I bought from you.  He is such a gentleman.  He does whatever is asked of him and trusts me through it all.  I think I could ask him to ride off a cliff and if he thought that is what I wanted he would do it.  I ride him through all the wooded trails around my home, down all kind of highways, through creeks, down very steep hills, and pass loads of charging dogs that are just carefully watched by him.  He will pick up his gait with just a click and will walk very slowly with this old quarter horse we have.  (Which by the way is extremely boring for me to ride after having a walker!)  Thank you so much for your honesty.  I look back at what you had written about him on your website and EVERY word of it is very true.  Since I know I can trust you I am referring my niece to you for her first horse too!







LEFT:  Spirit and Wanda in town; RIGHT:  Kristin on Sunshine, Wanda on Spirit and Tony on Tony at Cross Lake.


My Dear Laura,

I sure hope your moving has gone well and you are getting settled for Christmas.  I see on your site that your barn is coming along nicely and I know you are proud of that.  I could tell it was going to be really nice when I was there.  I know you are busy but I just have to send you all these pictures of some wonderful trail rides with this fabulous horse you sold me.  We trailered across town, went through uncharted territory including woods, bridges, busy town streets, and even made a swoop through a gas station! LOL...and NOTHING bothered him.  The wind was VERY high that day but that was fine with him too.  This last Sunday he and I fell in a shallow creek....well up to his belly in mud...he did not want to cross the bridge and preferred to jump the water sooo that is what we did.  He kicked in the four wheel drive and we got gracefully out with only a bit of mud that ruined the nice black manicure I had just given his hooves!  (and sorta messed up our girth strap but we got cleaned up a bit before getting back home and letting my husband see us!)  However on the way back we both decided it would be a bit better to take the bridge .... and we did.  But you know what, somehow he kept that gorgeous long tail out of the mud.  He has become a real love bug too.  I do have a quick question to ask you about a bit when I get a chance to call you, no emergency.
Well have a very Merry Christmas and stay in touch when the dust settles.
Wanda from Louisiana


Oh, how I love to sell horses to a home like this!  At left, Cartwright, Pride and Skywatch all made the trip from the south to the northeast in good shape, and thanks to Lynn in Connecticut for giving these sweet guys a good home and letting them be horses!  While the playful Pride is always looking for a 'victim' to play with, none of these guys ever rear under saddle.  At right, Lynn is taking a 'Sunday drive' with her beautiful matching set of Hackneys.  I think she lives in Heaven on Earth!  Lynn has excellent taste in Tennessee Walking Horses -- she definitely knows a smooth one when she sees it.


Hey Laura~~~This is my 8th. horse that I have Purchased from you and I want to thank you again for another GREAT Horse. And I will be back to buy more!                                                      Lynn Gravel --- 9/1/05





Holy cow -- look how young Bud was when Kristy (Houston, Texas) purchased Genius!

This big, beautiful jet black Tennessee Walking Horse was BORN for this lady!  "Genius" is a head-shaking, smoooooth walking son of a gun, a gentle giant and an incredible ambassador for the breed.  Kristy Ficker is quite remarkable, herself -- in the 'before' picture at left, she had not yet started her dedicated Weight Watcher's lifestyle.  In the picture at right, she is slim and has risen to 'heroine' status in all her friends' eyes (mine, included!).  Everywhere she goes, she promotes the breed with this fine horse.  A week after she purchased Genius from me, before she had picked him up, I had a buyer come by and offer to double her money on this natural lite-shod gelding, but she refused to even consider it.  She took him home and they began the bonding process, which is one of the strongest I've seen between horse and owner.  About a year later, since she had been busy at work and had not had time to ride Genius much, Kristy brought him back so I could tune him up for her, and she left him with me for about 30 days.  He went to work everyday for me, but seemed to be moping.  One day, Kristy stopped by to see how he was doing, and before she even made the corner to his pen, before he could even see her, he heard her and began to nicker for her.  Who says horses don't love their owners?


"I live back in the woods, you see, the woman and the kids and the dogs and me . . . a country boy can survive"   ---  Hank Williams, Jr.  (Gerald and his menagerie, and Alice; Kingwood, Texas.)

Alice is a true expert on teaching a horse to park out!  At left, she is astride the unusual and beautiful grey roan 17H gelding which she and her husband, Gerald purchased before I posted him on the website.  At right, she is 'spoiling' JJ (Jumpin Jack Flash), which Gerald bonded with the day he met him by falling off and landing in a big mud puddle, but getting up with a smile and a great sense of humor, and making the purchase!  These folks are a ton of fun and are also great ambassadors for the breed.



LEFT:  Alexandria (New Orleans, Louisiana) and Thriller

We hauled 6 horses to East Texas and met with some customers from New Orleans to ride, and instead of doing circles in an arena, I thought I would show them a great time and veer from the proverbial ‘beaten path’.  There were 5 of us, with one being the cutest little 7-yr-old girl you ever saw, named Alex (short for Alexandria), who was there to try out "Thriller", a black and white spotted gelding I had for sale (since her birthday was coming up).  We saddled up and rode about a mile beside traffic, past a school that had just had their homecoming parade, and all the horses did well considering all the commotion, balloons and floats.  My brilliant idea was to ride through the historical cemetery, with gravesites from the early 1800’s, right after Texas became part of the union.  We made our way past the big white headstones and all the history they recorded, down to the shores of Sam Rayburn Lake, where everyone gave a sigh at what a beautiful day it was and at the stunning view.  I had ridden a couple of horses out into the lake and had a great time a few weeks before, but now the water level was lower.  We rode in single file, and everyone was thrilled at the scenery.  Lake Rayburn is a man-made lake, and since the water was so low, we actually got to see parts of chimneys, storm cellars and old cattle pens from the 1800’s and 1900’s which were buried underwater when the Army Corp of Engineers came through and made everyone move to make way for the lake.

We had ridden along the shore for about 5 minutes, when Thriller hit a pocket of quicksand.  His back end went down, but his front end was still on solid ground.  He’s very calm natured, being used to dogs and shooting guns, and tiny little Alex, being a total natural, simply hopped off to the side and held his reins.  I stepped off of my horse, took the reins from Alex, and gave Thriller a little pop on the hindquarters and he lunged forward, pulling himself out with his front feet.  About that same time, I heard a commotion behind me, and Ruby, the sweetest, most gentle spotted horse mare on Earth went down in a bigger pocket of quicksand, with her whole body being buried halfway up her sides.  She is almost 6 years old, and was raised by a very nice lady from the time she was born, being pampered and spoiled, so she doesn’t really understand that she’s a horse!  Ruby was literally swimming in liquid sand, and after about 30 seconds, she just flopped over slightly on her right side, gave a little sigh and had the attitude that we got her in this predicament, now she was going to relax and let us get her out of this fine mess!

About three of us got down on our knees and started using our hands to dig her front feet out, and she laid there like she was in a resort getting a massage!  She let us take her front legs out, extend them in front of her, and she never moved a muscle the entire time.  I was really beginning to think we were going to have to go get a backhoe to pull her out.  I unsnapped her reins from her bridle, took one and got behind her and popped her on the hindquarters 3 or 4 times, which was just enough incentive to make her pull herself out with her front feet.  Since her back end was mired so deeply in liquid sand, it took all the front strength she could muster, but she did it.  After she got out, she stood calmly and let her rider remount, and we moved off toward real land and forgot about the lake!  I had myself some real troopers, because when we got back, everyone agreed that it was a little scary, but that it had been a fun ride and a real adventure!



Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying Ruby.  She is the perfect horse for me to get back in the saddle on and regain my horse confidence. I am keeping her at a stable and no one there has been around gaited horses, so they are all amazed by her and everybody comes out to watch every time I saddle her up.  The owners are used to quarter horses.  I let the man and woman both ride her one day and now they want to switch breeds!
I re-read your write up about her on your web site and so I can't say you didn't warn me. She does like food!  The phrase "eats like a horse" pertains to her.  Anyway - wanted to let you know she is well loved and much appreciated. 

-- Patricia (Kingwood, Texas and Alexandria, Louisiana)



"Sundown" -- 6-1/2-yr-old fiery red sorrel Tennessee Walking Horse Generator/Ebony Masterpiece gelding with beautiful conformation and a wonderful, smooth 4-beat trail pleasure gait. 

Pictured at right is Sundown and his new owner,Wanda Tucker (Louisiana), who is getting along well with him.  Her husband, Larry, writes:  Thought I'd send a shot of Sundown out for a spin on part of his new playground.  He has 200 acres of trails to explore and he and Wanda seem to hit it off pretty well.  I think you found us a winner!!




I'm writing to let you know that we adore Lacey to death! She is a wonderful horse with so much character and a huge heart. She is very sweet with the little children at the barn, and everyone wants to use her in lessons. Lacey has adjusted very well and has made lots of new horsey friends. Lacey has really bonded with my two year old Appy colt, and they act just like mamma and baby.
We recently took her on an overnight trail ride and she did great. I think she enjoyed that a lot. It looks like we might have some big plans for miss Lacey this spring. I (Laura) will be showing her at some local shows probably in western pleasure or trail class (I haven't quite decided).. and we would also love to breed her this spring as well.
The whole family loves Lacey and we cant thank you enough for selling us this wonderful girl.

Thanks again,
-Laura Hegedus


Hello Laura,

Attached is a recent photo of Lacey and Splash. They make a beautiful riding pair together. My wife and I really enjoy trail riding with them. At the barn where we board, there are over 30 horses. Lacey and Splash are the only two Walkers, but they are everyone's favorites. We get constant requests from kids and adults to ride them. They are gentle and loving with everyone. We're very lucky to have found them on your website. Take care and have a great summer.

Tom Hegedus

 July, 2004
Round Rock, TX



Hi Laura, 
My name is Lynda Hayes and I bought Colonel from you in April (2004).  You introduced me to Janet who bought Mojo the same day and happened to live just down the road from me - we had never met.  Since buying our two walkers we have become good friends and ride one to two times a week together. Janet and I are first time gaited owners and will never go back to rough old quarter horses again.  Colonel is absolutely wonderful with a smooth gait and a great sweet personality.  Janet loves her Mojo who will stay in his gait forever.  He's very smooth.  Thanks Laura for our wonderful horses.
Lynda and Janet
Magnolia, Texas






Hi. Just wanted to let you know Hobby is doing great. He is everything you said, and I love him. I rode him a few minutes yesterday, but this morning we went down the road and into the woods behind Carter's Country shooting range. He did fantastic. No spooks, just looks over the situation and goes right on. At one point we got to going faster and faster, just breaking into a lope. I then noticed the curb chain had come undone, but he stopped on voice command, no problem. I guess I better get the hang of adjusting that chain to fit. I never used that English kind before.  -- Carole










Hey, Laura

I was looking at your latest horses for sale (I like to do that every once in a while to torment myself with all the cute horses I could own if I had the time for two), and I noticed your page with pictures of horses you've sold with their new owners. I would love to have a picture of Apache posted up there. I have had so much fun with him over the years. We have done everything together - dressage, jumping, competitive trail rides as well as many just for fun, and many shows - both open breed and walker shows, showing trail pleasure, country pleasure, and halter. It's been a blast.  The breed is truly versatile and is comfortable all the while! Not to mention that they have the greatest personalities - so sweet and tolerant.  It's been so much fun having people comment everywhere we go on how beautiful he is, being so amazed, and asking questions about the gait and the breed. I have several great pictures of us doing various things together that you are free to use if you decide to post us on your page.



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