"Go Boy's Champagne Pride"

also known as "Gunsmoke"

Classic Champagne Tennessee Walking Horse Stallion

New pictures taken 3/29/10














Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Gunsmoke at liberty, and then a short ride under saddle after 4 months.








































LEFT:  "Jolie" -- a beautiful jet black daughter of Gunsmoke's, extremely gentle and smooth gaited.  Click on her picture to go to her page to get to know her.

RIGHT:  "Danny" -- a classic champagne tobiano spotted gelding with incredibly gentle disposition and wonderful four-beat head-shaking true Tennessee walk.  Click on his picture to meet him.


This picture was taken on 12/26/09.














Gunsmoke's first time to be ridden in a few years . . . and he just went right back to work.  He is the epitome of a gentle nature, quiet disposition, calm demeanor.































ANNOUNCEMENT:  Yee-ha!  We knew it was going to happen!  We should have been testing Gunsmoke's offpspring before now, but it has been confirmed that his son, "Pride's Black Tie Affair" is homozygous for the tobiano gene.

WARNING:  This stallion ( "Go Boy's Champagne Pride", also known as "Gunsmoke") may not be exciting enough for your taste.  (Click on his picture to go to the baby page -- plenty of his foals for sale!)  This is the first time (on 9/1/05) that he has been ridden in two years (last time was 11/26/03 pictured toward the bottom of this web page), and Jennifer chose to ride him bareback.  She thought (actually hoped) that he would challenge her riding skills, and after a 20-minute workout with no misbehavior for her to practice her horse whispering on, she couldn't decide whether to challenge him herself or hug him, so she did both!!









Click on thumbnails below to see a display of disposition!  (Notice how Gunsmoke's feet never move from their tracks.)

Gunsmoke090105d.jpg (42459 bytes)Gunsmoke090105e.jpg (44083 bytes)Gunsmoke090105f.jpg (36776 bytes)Gunsmoke090105g.jpg (39443 bytes)


Whew!  Lovin' is hard work!!!


These pictures were taken of Gunsmoke when he was 3 years old.  His owner sent him to me to consign him for sale, and I rode him through the neighborhood to see if I was going to like his gait and his personality, and to make a decision on whether he was the kind of horse I wanted to represent for sale.  He was only 3 years old, and they told me that he hadn't been ridden much, and not at all for the last 3 or 4 months.  He stepped off smoothly down the asphalt road, off on the side of the road willingly, didn't mind when traffic came by, and then a neighbor hailed me down to update me on her medical condition.  The entire 20 minutes she recited her treatment, Gunsmoke stood stock still in her driveway, all four feet in the same tracks and was so well behaved that I fell head-over-heels for him.  Gait is important to me, but disposition is a priority in a horse!! 


I advertised him briefly on my site for sale and had inquiries, but, fool for horses that I am, I decided to take him off and buy him myself.  That turned out to be a great decision -- he has sired wonderfully smooth-gaited and incredibly colorful babies with good, sturdy bone structure and remarkable conformations.  His progeny have also inherited his sweet, gentle disposition.  For the last five years, he has been turned loose to be pasture bred, and just be a horse.  The mares have taught him wonderful, impressive manners and consequently, he is very tuned in to proper behavior around the ladies.  You can lead him with just a halter and lead rope past a group of mares, and he will follow you like a well-trained dog.  In a pasture with 30 broodmares, he is the easiest to catch.  Just walk out with a halter and he will come up to you and put his nose in it.  

Recently, a 19-yr-old athletic horse lover named Jermaine stopped by to ask me if I needed help riding, and I was in the middle of feeding Gunsmoke and about 25 mares he was running with.  Jermaine asked me if he could ride Gunsmoke, and I told him that he hadn't been ridden in a long time, but yes, he was welcome to.  He shocked me when he vaulted up on Gunsmoke's back, bareback with no halter, no hay rope, nothing!  He gave the stallion a kick to make him move forward, then lightly slapped him on each side of the neck to direct him.  He actually rode Gunsmoke away from the feed and the herd, all over the pasture with nothing but hand cues.  


These action pictures were taken November 26, 2003, the absolute FIRST time Gunsmoke had been ridden in TWO YEARS!  (Click on the thumbnails above to see bigger pictures.)  You can tell he has really matured and filled out.  He's been out in the weather and his mane and tail are shorter and bleached, like a pasture horse, but he's a happy, content horse!  He stepped off quietly, no bucking, no rearing, no running away, no barnsour attitude -- just his usual sweet, calm self.  I could have used him to give riding lessons!  Then, he stood absolutely quietly stock still for the farrier, for his first set of shoes in two years.

LEFT:  Gunsmoke's sire, "Go Boy's Gold Insignia". 

 Gunsmoke is a classic champagne Tennessee Walking Horse Stallion with topaz eyes, and he is also a minimally-expressed tobiano, meaning that he carries the tobiano gene, even though he is not spotted.  He was sired by the great "Go Boy's Gold Insignia" which is a golden champagne tested homozygous for the tobiano gene, meaning when he is bred to any mare, his progeny is guaranteed to inherit the tobiano gene.  Notice that I did not state that his progeny is guaranteed to be tobiano (spotted) -- because Gunsmoke is living proof that the babies may not be spotted.  However, Gunsmoke is showing his tobiano gene by way of his four long stockings, and now he has proven it by producing "Go Boy's Al Capone", a black and white loudly-marked spotted tobiano stud colt out of a solid red roan mare with absolutely no spotted horses in her pedigree!  See the colt below 4th row down on far right.


Pedigree: Go Boy's Champagne Pride Pedigree for Go Boy's Champagne Pride
Tennessee Walking Horse

Glittery Classic Champagne with minimally-expressed tobiano gene, 4 white stockings

Go Boy's Gold Insignia
Paint's Moon Man
Paint The Town
Shadow's Black Bird
Dusty Sally
Insignas Sweetheart
Go Boy's Insignia
Gay Boy's Sweetheart
Emily's Rose
Mack K's Lucky
Mack K's Ebony Go Boy
Lucky Gay Lady
Princess Lady B
Parade's Pride
A Desert Lady
Pride's Fancy Nancy
Pride's Solid Gold W
Pride of Midnight H F
Midnight Sun (WGC)
Pride's Stanley
Go Boy's Dolly II
Merry Go Boy (WGC)
Midnight Dolly
Johnny's Lady B
Johnny Cash
Johnny Midnight
Jet Gal
Art-Gen Lady B
Rise and Shine II
Silver's Merry Girl








"He's Armed With Champagne", by "Go Boy's Champagne Pride" and out of "Image of A Dangerous Lady".


Click on picture to LEFT to see Cajun's first ride under saddle.





Here you go Laura- pic of my sweet baby. I braided his hair so I could scratch his shoulders and neck while I was sitting on him and Tyler snapped our picture. Cajun was so relaxed that he just rolled over and fell asleep!! Iíve been on him about 8 times for about 30 min each. Heís a pure pleasure. He doesnít even mind being the lead horse, although boogers still scare him a lot. We have a lot of construction along the road where we ride and he gets intimidated by the workers and noise. Iím bareback on him right now so I donít force him to go by as Iím afraid heíll dump me off onto the pavement, but we do our best.  Heís precious!

We are doing a despooking program for one of my horses here and we decided to do it for all of them. Cajun thought the despooking area was a playground. He was into all of it rooting through all the scary stuff. He tried to eat everything we despooked him with. We even dragged a grocery bag full of cans around him and instead of being scared, he chased it! He tried to eat the umbrella we opened up at him and a tug of war trying to get it back from him broke the umbrella! He picks up all my poles that I use for gaiting practice, and unties all the horses from the hitching post. I have to do double knots to keep everyone in their place! He also pushes his food tub around the paddock like a baby carriage. There is always a 2 foot wide smoothed dirt trail winding through the paddocks. Looks like a giant snake slithers through there every day! We used to let the wheelbarrow in the paddocks for the horses to eat out of but after Cajun broke the first one trying to get IN it, we now have to take them out!! Heís a riot!

Tracey in Georgia, 7/17/07


Hey Laura- I just wanted to tell you about my weekend. I had a friend come to see me that has had a head injury. Her balance is good but her reaction time is slow and she has trouble remembering what to do in some circumstances. She desperately wanted to ride, so with hesitation, I put her on Cajun. He treated her like a china doll. Even with constant instruction she kept forgetting which rein to use for what and ended up making a mess of her cues for him. When he wasnít sure what she wanted, he just stopped and patiently waited for her to figure out what to do and then he calmly walked off. She rode him a total of 3 hours over a couple of days and he just babysat her the whole time. I was so proud of him!  Hereís a few pics! Heís priceless!

Tracey B, 8/15/08




Left:  "Champagne Gunsmoke" -- Classic Champagne Stud out of Black/White Spotted Tobiano Mare;

Center: "A Splendid Carousel" -- Bay Overo Filly out of Bay Roan/White Spotted Tobiano Mare;

Right:  "Spot'd Simply Scrumptious" -- Black/White Tobiano Filly out of Black/White Spotted Tobiano Mare.


Left:  "Patriotic Princess" -- Black/White Tobiano Filly out of Black/White Spotted Tobiano Mare;

Center:  "Go Boy's Kaleidoscope" -- Bay Roan Tobiano Stud out of Bay Roan/White Tobiano Mare;

Right: "Pride's Painted Acacia" -- Classic Champagne Tobiano Filly out of Black/White Tobiano Mare.

Left:  "Go Boy's Hugo Boss" -- Chocolate w/4 stockings Stud out of Chestnut Mare;

Center:  "Dangerous Isabella" -- Sorrel Filly out of Sorrel Mare;

Right:  "Gen's Kahlua Mist" -- Classic Champagne Filly w/4 stockings out of Sorrel Mare.



Left:  "Silky's China Doll" -- Sorrel turned Liver Chestnut Filly out of Black Mare;

Center: "Go Boy's Annabelle" -- Black/White Overo Filly out of Black/White Tobiano Mare;

Right:  "Go Boy's Al Capone" -- Black/White Tobiano Stud out of Chestnut Roan Mare.


Left:  "Go Boy's Golden Cufflink" -- Golden Champagne Stud out of Sorrel Mare;

Center:  "Go Boy's Masquerade" -- Classic Champagne Overo Stud out of Chestnut Mare;

Right:  "Go Boy's Champagne Grace" -- Classic Champagne Filly w/4 stockings out of Chestnut Mare.


Left:  "Go Boy's Spotted Pride" -- Black/White Overo Spotted Colt (born in Israel) out of Sorrel Mare;

Center:  "Carbon and Chrome" -- Black stud colt with four white stockings out of Black Mare;

Right:  "Pride's Black Tie Affair" -- Homozygous Black/White Spotted Colt with four long white stockings out of Bay Roan/White Tobiano Mare.


Left:  "Champagne Ambrosia" -- Solid classic champagne filly out of Bay/White Tobiano Mare;

Center:  "Golden Silver Chance" -- Golden champagne stud colt (his mane & tail turned white) out of Gold Champagne Mare;

Right:  "Go Boy's Carbon & Ice" -- Perfectly gaited black/white tobiano spotted filly out of Black/White Tobiano Mare.


LEFT:  "Go Boy's Texas Hold 'Em" -- Bay/White tobiano stud out of solid bay roan mare

CENTER:  "Pride's Champagne On Ice" -- Classic Champagne tobiano stud colt out of black and white tobiano spotted mare.

RIGHT:  Classic champagne/white tobiano spotted stud out of sorrel/flaxen mare.

LEFT:  Amber champagne tobiano spotted filly out of solid red roan mare.

CENTER:  Fiery red sorrel stud colt with four long white stockings, big blazed face out of spotted mare.

RIGHT:  Eye-popping amber champagne tobiano spotted filly out of Chestnut Roan/flaxen mare.



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